“The comfort onboard Yes Dear was Outstanding. The condition of the yacht was Excellent. The service of the Captain and Chef was Exemplary! Christiaan and Hanrie were outstanding and had wonderful congeniality. The crew were delightful. Everyone was astounded at the meals and presentation of the food, and they were the Highest Quality! The vacation was fabulous we would come again in a heartbeat!” -The Haber Family, November, 2015

Guests aboard YES DEAR in Mid November, 2015, said:

Christiaan and Hanrie
They were fantastic. Energetic, engaging, insightful, accommodating, and polite are a few words that come to mind to describe them. At the end of the day, they helped us have an incredible time. From the suggested stops we made for either a day trip or to anchor for the night, to sharing their knowledge of the islands with us, to helping us arrange a couple of off-boat excursions, they were there to help ensure we had a wonderful experience. Hanrie did an amazing job with our meals! While we didn’t have many restrictions in terms of our meal preferences, every meal was simply amazing; creative, flavorful, artistic, and just really good! I can’t speak more highly about the meals she prepared for us.

The Boat
All in all, the accommodations were great. With five couples, I don’t think there was ever a time that any of us felt we were cramped, or as if there wasn’t enough space for all of us. We utilized every water toy on the boat except for the scuba equipment. It was such a bonus to have the kayak, stand up paddle board, wakeboard, water skis, snorkel equipment, etc.; a day didn’t go by without something being used by everyone in our group. It was great to be able to eat all meals as one big group outside so we could enjoy the surroundings. The rooms were comfortable, and it still amazes me today that you can fit a toilet, sink, shower, and a queen/full bed in every room on that boat.

We are already talking about returning to the BVI’s as a group, and hope that Christiaan and Hanrie are available to crew our next trip. Christiaan and Hanrie are wonderful people, and we were fortunate to have them crew Yes Dear and provide us with such a memorable experience!”

- All the best, Chris

“Where to begin? We came here to celebrate friendship and 50th birthdays and came away with so much more!
From the very beginning your easy going and fun personalities combined with your expertise and
professionalism made for a wonderful week. Although at 50 we are all feeling a bit under accomplished after
listening to all of your incredible adventures. Hanrie, you are a true gourmet: the variety and presentation of
every meal was 5 star! Christiaan, your knowledge of every nook and cranny of the BVI makes us all believe you
are an actual descendant of Blackbeard himself! We truly hope to see you both again sometime in our near
futures!” -Eliza, Siri, John, Mimi, February 5, 2015

“Our Dearest Christiaan & Hanrie- beautiful people, amazing week! We cannot THANK YOU enough for this
experience! The food we have never experienced any so wonderful! Your knowledge of the boat, this area and
places to stop and snorkel are unsurpassed! We are in love!! The “okay guys” clap will be missed! Until we meet
again, which we will!” -Matt & Kirsten, Missy & Mike, March 24, 2015

“I could never have imagined how different a vacation can be when there are two caring, talented and
wonderful people taking care of us! We are usually the caretakers, however you allowed us to take this
time for ourselves.” -Bob & Barbara, 12 May 2015

“Where to start? When we started this adventure we had expectations, assumptions and hopes for
what our week would offer and we can say that not only where our hopes met, they were far
surpassed!! Christiaan, your outgoing, charismatic personality is endearing! Your Knowledge of the BVI is
impressive and your bartending skills thoroughly enjoyed! We so enjoyed listening to your stories and music!
Hanrie- where to even begin with your chef skills! They say that meals are first eaten with your eyes, and
if this is true, we were fulfilled twice at each meal. Your dishes where just as beautiful as they where
delicious. You have inspired me to try to step it up at home! Thank you very much for making this the best family
vacation that we have ever had! We are already planning our next trip with you!!” -The Wjite Family, July 9, 2015