What is a Crewed Charter?

A crewed charter is an all-inclusive, customized vacation. Inclusive means you will have full use of the yacht and all of its amenities as well as the exclusive services of a professional captain and chef.  Customized means it’s all about you!  You and the captain will determine when and where you go and you and the chef will determine the food and beverages to be served.  Typically a charter is one week, however, longer and shorter charters can be arranged.

How do I book a charter?

Charters are booked via a charter broker selected by you. Once you and your broker have determined the terms of your charter (the dates, the number of days, the price, etc) a charter contract will be drawn up and the broker will have you fill out a preference sheet for the crew. Upon receipt of this preference sheet, the crew will contact you to learn about your group.

How do we get there?

Yes Dear is based in the British Virgin Islands which are a collection of islands that are situated 1770 miles east-southeast of Miami. There are two options for getting to the BVI.  The first option is to fly into the Beef Island airport which is located on Tortola. This mid-sized airport does not support non-stop air service from the continental US or Europe, therefore you will arrive via a Seaborne, Cape Air, Liat or Air Sunshine commuter carrier connection flight. Connecting flights are most commonly routed through San Juan, Puerto Rico. If the yacht schedule permits, Yes Dear will be waiting for your arrival in Trellis Bay, just a moments walk from the airport. Otherwise a 30 minute taxi ride will deliver you to the yacht in Road Town.

The second option is to fly, often direct from many US cities, into St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands.  A quick taxi ride to the ferry terminal will allow you to take a 45 minute ferry ride to Tortola.  Standard port of disembarkation is Road Town. Alternatively, Soper’s Hole, West End is a beautiful location to meet your yacht should the yacht schedule permit.

You may board Yes Dear no earlier than 12:00 noon.

What are the Customs & Immigration requirements?

The British Virgin Islands require a valid passport upon entering and exiting. Exiting via ferry requires the payment of a $5.00 USD departure fee. Exiting via air requires the payment of a $20.00 USD departure fee.  Both of these fees are payable by cash only with no exceptions.

What is the weather like?

In the winter the days range from the upper 70′s to the upper 80′s. Added to these favorable temperatures is the steady breeze of the trade-winds. The water temperature ranges from the mid 70′s to the mid 80′s.

What to pack?

Soft sided luggage is very important as hard luggage is difficult to stow.  The islands are very informal. Dinner out at the most formal restaurants will require a golf shirt and shorts and flip flops.  You will want to bring light tops and short/skirts or light sun dresses.  We do not wear shoes on the boat so a pair of flip flops and possibly a pair of running shoes for hiking should be all you require. Water shoes are a handy addition. Should you require to wear shoes on the boat, please bring one for land and one for the boat as to minimize damage to the boat.  A light sweater might be worn in evenings in the winter months.

Each cabin is equipped with a flat screen TV with DVD player and there is a large screen TV in the salon, so please feel free to bring along a selection of your favorite DVDs.  If you forget, there is a selection of DVDs on board. Similarly, do not forget your i-pod or favorite CDs as there is a Bose sound system which supports both.

You will not need to bring beach or bath towels or scuba or snorkel equipment and please do not bring hard luggage, surf boards, hard shoes, pets, illegal drugs or spear-guns (the last two items are illegal).

Is Internet available?

Yes. We have wireless internet everywhere on the boat.

Is Seasickness a Problem?

We recommend that you bring Dramamine or patches.   However, the boat is designed for comfort and stability and the anchorages are very-well protected.  Seasickness is very rare.

Should we tip the crew?

Yes.  It will take only a short time on board to realize how hard the crew work to exceed your expectations.  The crew does not own the yacht or participate directly in its profits. The Crew are paid a salary to maintain the yacht, however chartering is where the majority of their income is made. This is through the gratuity that you leave. Typical industry standard is 15-20% of the total charter fee.